"Beauty Marketplace" to "Marketplace API"

Our purpose has always been to enable individuals to do what they love for a living - we just want this to be the case in every industry as soon as possible.

Many entrepreneurs have tried to help make the lives of freelancers “flexible and fun” by building tools to help them with repetitive and undesirable business logistics from scheduling and payment, to marketing and tax filing.

In recent years, many have tried to make freelancing a viable path by building a “Marketplace for X”.

The goal of a marketplace is to eliminate the worry for freelancing around marketing to new clientele as well as organizing their business logistics by themselves (See StyleSeat a “Marketplace for Beauty Services”).

Yet, freelancing remains difficult for the 99% not currently served by the few existing marketplaces who have managed to succeed.

Freelancing still sucks because each industry has unique needs. Even if a startup manages to successfully create a marketplace that makes freelancing flexible and fun, a solution in one industry does not usually translate well to another. Even if the startup intends to expand into other tangential industries (See Vagaro “Marketplace for Beauty and Wellness Services“), many industries of freelancers will inevitably lag behind.

Pairi’s headless API enables anyone to build a marketplace 10x cheaper and 10x faster with flexibility for freelancers built into every tool, allowing solutions for the 99% of freelancers in niches that have previously been unaddressed to be quickly brought to market.

We have spent 11 months building a marketplace ourselves. It’s not easy. We wan’t to make it easier for those who come after us.

Thanks for listening.

-Paris Mielke, CEO

Interested In Learning More?

Aaron Lebel, CTO of Pairi discusses this pivot in greater detail here.